Thank you for visiting my website. It is meant to introduce my background, my ideas and theories on 'how to feel good'.

I am an experienced coach and counselor working with adults. 

Originally Turkish, I trained and worked as a doctoral level psychotherapist in the UK before moving to Houston in 2017.  

As of 2020, I got my license to work as a Professional Counselor (LPC - Intern) - (supervised by Dr. Katherine M. Bacon, LPC - S) and currently provide counseling services as part of The Parris Foundation in Houston.  


psychotherapy - why?

That is a good question if your life is fully functional - meaning you don't have to struggle to understand why your life is the way it is. It is often when we hit a wall in our relationships, career or health we get pushed out of our comfort zone and start looking for answers. People often think that they can deal with their stuff on their own. The problem is that we are relational beings, and can only find ourselves in the eye of another. This is to say, emotional wellbeing is essentially a two person process where the therapist's questions might bring out the answers in you that will support you in developing a fresh perspective. So, it is really not about the answers, but the questions . 


Giving Back

I give in the best and only way I know. I donate a significant portion of my time to working for Cancer Survivors and those organizations that support them. Please let me know if you are interested in finding out how I can support you or your organization.

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At the moment all my sessions are held virtually in the interest of social distancing. If you are interested in getting more information or making an appointment with me, the easiest way is by email.

Thank you for visiting. Stay safe, be well!

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